Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boatsmith Inc.'s New Tiki 36

David Halladay is now ready to move forward on his newly-drawn version of a Tiki 36 catamaran based on a scaled-up Wharram Tiki 30.  The Tiki 36 will offer many amenities not available on the Tiki 30 while still keeping the sleek lines and coming in at a much lower weight than the Tiki 38 with the schooner rig.  It will offer a longer waterline for faster speeds than the Tiki 30.  Here are the main differences compared to the Tiki 30:
  • Hull beam increased to 5'
  • Overall beam increased to 19'8"
  • Sheer height increased 12"
  • Forth beam added
  • Separate head and shower compartments
  • Wider main bunks and larger forward berth areas
  • Standing headroom in galley and nav area

From David Halladay's description:  The Tiki36 will weigh in at around 4300 lbs and will have a sail area of 600 sqft.  They will be built of foam cored fiberglass and fit out to the highest standards.  If you look at our spec sheet you will see that this is a well equipped boat and one that should be very comfortable as well as able to show her heels to many while keeping the rugged simplicity and seaworthiness that Wharrams are renown for.   These will still be custom boats and there is very little that can't be modified on them to suit the owner.  The helm pod for instance is very open to customizing to exactly whatever flavor suits you. This boat will fit into a  single 40' container for easy shipping. 

He's offering this fantastic cruising catamaran at an introductory price, and can provide a full spec sheet to show exactly what you're getting for your money.  There's nothing currently in production that could compare to the capability this boat offers in this price range. For more information, contact david@boatsmithfl.com or visit his website at www.boatsmithfl.com 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mississippi Coast Oil Spill Photos

I took the above photo near Waveland, MS on Thursday, July 8.   It is one of many that I went to the coast to shoot for a magazine article I'm working on about the impact of the spill on the Mississippi Coast.  To see a few more images from this series, click on this link to my Bug Out Survival blog here:

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